The Rising Issue of A Quarter-life Crisis | How to Deal with It | Mental Health

Bella Wulansari


A quarter-life crisis is a condition that triggers anxiety, ambiguity, and dilemma in some people nowadays. They are becoming disoriented in their life path as the future becomes more unpredictable. This condition is mostly felt by young people who are dissatisfied with relationships, careers, love, and personal interactions. Not only that, some of them are calling into question their actual existence in the world.

Nonetheless, we can encounter a quarter-life crisis on our own. If you're living through a quarter-life crisis, here are some suggestions to help you get through it.

First of all, try to refrain from comparing yourself to others. This is the first issue that you should pay attention to. Everyone has a unique journey, mission, and vision. We cannot evaluate everything the same way we esteem ourselves. Comparing everything will only encounter bad things. Thus, beginning today, attempt to avoid this tendency if at all possible.

Second, strive to convert hesitancy into action. For example, if we're faced with two possibilities that will have a significant influence on life. Then, we already made the decision. However, it was actually undecided. So, what should we do next? If this occurs regularly, just take an action. In this case, try to be brave to go through it, whether the outcome is good or bad. Just pass it off.

Third, try to discover individuals who will support you. Individuals who consistently provide pleasure and affection can make our life more meaningful and colorful. That would be beneficial to you, particularly in terms of mental health. When you're surrounded by toxic individuals, simply cut them off! Because they can only bring up the horrible things for you.

Last but not least, put in the effort to love yourself. In this case, you should strive to understand yourself. In other words, accepting yourself completely as who you are. The nicest and most amazing thing you can do is to love yourself. When you know what is good or bad for you, you will finally figure it out yourself.

To summarize, everyone can go through a quarter-life crisis. Everybody must have experienced it all at once. Self-awareness is the greatest approach to dealing with it. We recognize that life may be difficult at times and it might get off the path. Even though it's difficult and tiresome, we must go on because life must go on. Therefore, we must remain optimistic and give our best.

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