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Today 27 April 2022, we are going to analyze the current market scenario & seeing the market continuously slowly sliding down for a week, last day market gain after news of Elon Musk buying Twitter, then see a 32% gain in dogecoin & a good move in bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance coin & another cryptocurrency, but after few hours we see same scenario Market get the same trend sliding down, there are so many reasons for market become bearish one by one we will at every point & try to predict when the market will recover

1. Russia - Ukraine war
2. covid
3. Starting of the financial year
4. High taxation
5. Ban on mining

1. Russia - Ukraine war
we see from many days Russia continuously attacking Ukraine, in starting of war see also see a big crash in the market, then some recovery, then again crash, this happens many times because of this scenario market get bearish

2. covid
due to the covid market getting bearish, after the one coming new generation of covid then lockdown, the closing of a mall, cinema, etc. due to this all scenario market moving down

3. starting of financial
year due to starting of financial year people sell crypto & many time also do panic sell to avoid tax & returning of tax this all things work as pressure on market this making market red

4. High taxation on cryptocurrency
Indian government tax crypto with 30% & 1% TDs, due to this person moving out of cryptocurrency, & Indian exchanges also moving out of the country, reported 60-70% volume dropped due to taxation on crypto, makes market bearish for months.

5. A ban on mining
many country governments support cryptocurrency, but they are making the ban on mining due to a drop in hash rate & the market volatile & starting dropping

Now, talk about when markets will recover again & what have to buy now to gain some good profit.
Bitcoin looks bearish, will drop slowly, then crash after this scenario market moves some up, then again dump. is the current scenario
We will suggest that after this dump buys crypto then after some gain book profit, then in parts buy some alt coin-like, ELON, BABYDOGE, SHIB, WINK after 2 to 3 months when bitcoin move upper then altcoin gives you 40% - 60% profit.

The current market is very volatile daily trading is risky.

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Thank You for Visiting, If you have any Suggestions Feel Free to Tell Us.

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