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Today are going to talk about Babydogecoin price prediction, will Babydogecoin pump 100x & what the possibility makes Babydogecoin a good project.
Let's discuss them one by one.

1. Elon Musk Tweet
2. A large number of holders
3. Trending on Twitter
4. NFTs art
5. A large number of followers
6. Currently listed exchange & upcoming listing.
7. Mass adoption
8. Upcoming products

1. Elon Musk Tweet
Once Elon Musk did Tweet about Babydogecoin, It's slowly become famous & listed on many popular exchanges like Gate.io, Poloniex, OKX, CoinEx, Bitrue, Mexc Global, Hoo, Hotbit, & Huobi. We know that Elon Musk has not forgotten about Babydogecoin & Maybe He will Tweet more about Babydogecoin. If he did will go 100x for sure.

2. A large number of holders
We are continuously Watching Babydogecoin Holders increase fastly. Babydogecoin is Holding many Bnb whales & Eth Whales, a good sign for the pump

3. Trending on Twitter
Many times we see Babydogecoin trending on Twitter when any exchange list Babydogecoin or partners with any company, At lastly Huobi list Babydogecoin & Partnership with Simplex

4. NFTs art
Babydogecoin work on NFTs & made a separate website for it & deploys them one by one & People are interested in it

5. A large number of followers
Babydogecoin has 1.5 million+ followers on Twitter, 50+ user on Discord & have High market-making power

6. Currently listed exchange
Babydogecoin is trading on Gate.io, Huobi, Poloniex, Hotbit, Biture, CoinEx, & OKX.

7. Upcoming listing
Currently, the Bybit exchange has a Babydogecoin Voting round for listing & Binance, Coinbase, Wazirx & Kraken will list soon as people assume that.

8. Mass adoption
People use Babydogecoin Heavily due to its popularity.

9. Upcoming products
Babydogecoin Devs developing Babydogeswap, it's a defi product like SibaSwap

Conclusion: Babydogecoin can pump 100x if every possibility work

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