Chat GPT A blessing Or A Curse

harsh lakhani

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Since its inception, artificial intelligence (AI) has captivated people. AI has the ability to change society and make previously unachievable tasks possible. Modern technology allows AI to perform tasks that were previously assumed to be exclusive for humans only. AI is currently capable of writing academic papers, writing computer code, and even thinking.

AI has recently been utilised to assist students from all around the world with their academic work. AI is capable of producing code, writing articles, and resolving challenging issues. Universities and institutions all around the world have embraced it as a learning tool to aid students in their studies because it has been shown to be quite helpful.

Currently, AI has advanced in the field of writing. ChatGPT, an AI tool, can produce text data for users based on their preferences and requirements. Any sort of writing, from a blog post to a book, may be done with this incredibly effective writing tool. Even professional writers struggle to produce articles of the calibre that ChatGPT can in only a few minutes.

AI does have a negative side, though. AI is not flawless and can be harmful if applied improperly or improperly. AI has the potential to distribute incorrect information, manipulate people, and produce content that is contentious. As AI develops, it is crucial to be aware of its possible risks and to keep an eye out for any potential misuse or abuse of the technology.

The potential for AI is tremendously bright. We may expect to see AI grow more and play a bigger role in our lives over the course of the next five years. AI will be utilised for more than just writing and coding, and it may completely alter how we interact with technology and live our lives. AI will be employed for more difficult jobs, including robotics, manufacturing, and medical diagnostics.

Our lives are already being impacted by AI, and over the next five years, this impact will only intensify. The world could undergo a total transformation thanks to AI, which could also enable hitherto unachievable jobs. It is a very potent technology that needs to be respected, watched after, and used for the good of humanity.

- Harsh Lakhani

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