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Today we are going to clear your dought about BabyDogeCoin's total supply. We see many people have dought related to BabyDogeCoin's total supply.

BabyDogeCoin has deployed in two chains, BSC ( Binance Smar Chain ) & ETH Chain. Each chain has a 420 Quadrillion total supply.

Many People count supply as BSC 420 Quadrillion + ETH 420 Quadrillion = 840 Quadrillion.

I want to clear your dought BabyDogeCoin has only 420 Quadrillion total supply & 50% is already burned.

Let's see how to count the supply of BabyDogeCoin?

BabyDogeCoin has two bridges of chain, BSC & ETH. There is no addition in the supply of each bridge with another one.

If you do not want your BabyDogeCoin in BSC Chain, you can swap it to ETH Chain in a 1:1 ratio by using

There is no sum of supply.

There is one more question that arises. BSC Chain has burned 50% of the total supply, but ETH Chain has not burned supply compared with BSC Chain.

That means ETH Chain's remaining supply will be extra & going to use in liquidity proving but not add to the market or circulating supply.

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