How are markets interlinked?



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Today we are talking about how markets are interlinked?

E-state have two markets

  • Crypto Market
  • Share Market

Crypto Market

Crypto Market is mostly interlinking with Bitcoin, Ethereum, Binance Coin & Top 10 Coins.

The question is how?.

The answer is Bitcoin have high dominance in the market. Bitcoin moves make the market bullish & bearish. We have to understand many coins have paring with Bitcoin like BTC/ETH, BTC/BNB, BTC/RAM, & BTC/ADA. When Bitcoin moves down, paired currency also moves down. We understand by an example.

Let's today Bitcoin is +5% & Ethereum is -2%.

Ethereum creates pressure on Bitcoin to go down. Bitcoin has more gain than Ethereum will move with Bitcoin.

This phenomenon works with every coin. Let's Matic be +20% & Bitcoin -5%. Bitcoin creates pressure on Matic to go down. Matic has more gain. Matic is Bullish & happens due to Matic paring with Bitcoin like BTC/MATIC.

Due to this phenomenon, Crypto Market mostly moves with Bitcoin.

Share Market

Share Market is interlinking with company products and linked company product usages.

Let's understand by an example.

Imagine a company manufacturing cars using other company tyers, colours, metals, & glass. 

When a Car company has low sales in the market & Car company Share, the price goes down & linked company's Share price also goes down because the Car company use fewer tyers, colours, metals, & glass.

Share Market is inter-linked with this phenomenon.

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Thank You for Visiting, If you have any Suggestions Feel Free to Tell Us.

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