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Market work as our team predicts in the last article.

Time for profit, but how we can make a profit because "the market continuously dumping and everyone in high tension because of market selling pressure. If we buy any coin with any price getting Continuously losses 

Don't worry, not take any panic. Just relax & focus, collect some funds because the market will take a deep dive and recover. we need to buy in deep-dive then sell all assets in recovery time & we recover our all losses 

One question, when is the time to buy assets because of market dumping again & again, "if we buy assets, the market will dump more & we are in more loss. 

Don't panic about the perfect time to buy assets when the market takes a deep dive. Just wait for the market.

If bitcoin dumps 5 to 9% the coming day, buy the assets because on the third or fourth day are in profit

Not buy the assets when we get any bad news about bitcoin because the market will dump 5% then the next day 10% as every time did &  it's difficult to predict which one the last dump. Buy assets only the market dumps without any bad news. 

Market dumping due to the war between Russia - Ukraine & due to covid is affecting our economy and a ban on mining & so wait for the bull market if you bought at a very high price.

 Follow our strategy & buy more in the dump, "low recovery can recover all losses and book a good profit. I hope you all make a good profit.

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Thank You for Visiting, If you have any Suggestions Feel Free to Tell Us.

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